Investment Strategy


The investment strategy of Urban Realty is to seek compelling properties where it can obtain a market advantage. Urban Realty’s competitive edge is derived from:

  • Acquiring properties in off-market transactions
  • Conducting extensive pre-due diligence
  • Relying on its local market knowledge
  • Maintaining credibility with sellers, brokers and other market participants, based on certainty of closing

The investment activities of Urban Realty span the range from the acquisition of stabilized, core assets, to the redevelopment and repositioning of underperforming assets, to the ground-up development of new assets. Urban Realty’s demonstrated expertise in each of these areas is depicted in our Case Studies section.

The principals of Urban Realty follow a conservative investment philosophy, where protection of investors’ capital is of paramount importance. Investment risk is mitigated through a variety of measures, including:

  • Formulation of multiple exit strategies to minimize market risk
  • Care in the placement and quality of debt to mitigate capital market risks
  • Emphasis on tenant credit quality, lease structure, and control of operating expenses to manage cash flow

This strategy offers the potential for superior returns while minimizing downside risk.