Investment Process


Urban Realty Co., Inc. acts as a principal in joint ventures formed with sophisticated partners, for purposes of acquiring commercial properties.  Urban Realty oversees all aspects of the investment process, including:


Property sourcing and screening, financial analysis, due diligence, contract negotiations and closing.


Control over all aspects of property operations, with oversight of property management, leasing, and construction.  Urban Realty typically contracts for these services with third parties, with whom it has relationships and who are the experts in their respective local markets.


Urban Realty constantly monitors the debt and equity markets so as to make the best possible decisions regarding the placement of debt, and any beneficial recapitalization.


The ultimate disposition of an asset is timed to take advantage of the real estate and capital markets, and the requirements of our capital partners. Real estate is a cyclical business, requiring discipline when buying and responsiveness when selling, particularly when a property is fully valued by the markets.